What is DirectorySpot?

DirectorySpot is an all-electronic parent/student and teacher directory app that PTC chose to replace the traditional paper directory starting in the 2014-2015 school year.  The app is populated with parent names, emails, and phone numbers; a home phone and address; and student names, grades, and teacher assignments.  DirectorySpot also displays teacher & staff information including names, grades, phone numbers, and email addresses as well as a class list for each teacher.  DirectorySpot is currently available for Android and iOS platforms, and is provided all parents/guardians and school staff members compliments of PTC.  It is also available online through a standard browser.

See the left column of any page on this website (arborviewptc.org) for Android and iPhone app downloads. New users should visit www.DirectorySpot.net and click the Login button. Then, click the Reset Password button. Enter the email address you used to register for school. Once you receive your password via email from DirectorySpot, you should be able to login on the app or website. If you need assistance or updates to the listed information, please use the Contact Us link above.

Is the Glenbard Parent Series for Parents of Glenbard High School Kids Only?

No!  Believe it or not, your elementary school child will be a teen before you know it!  The Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) is a free lecture series open to all residents.  GPS helps to assist and facilitate real-world parenting skills, enhance our teens' social and emotional development, and promote respect-based relationships that will keep our adolescents safe.  GPS engages top experts to help our communities to become educated and proactive.  GPS explores ways to help our students learn responsible decision-making at the monthly forums hosted at Glenbard West, East, North, and South High Schools, the Community Consolidated School District #93 in Bloomingdale and the Marquardt Administration Center in Glendale Heights. No registration is required, and all are welcome to attend.  GPS strengths home and community partnerships in pursuit of our mutual goals. Inspire, Empower, Succeed.  GPS has its own websiteblog and Facebook page.

Where can I get information about the District 89 Community Preschool?

District 89 Community Preschool provides programs for 3- and 4-year-old children who reside within the District 89 boundaries.  Known as a blended or inclusive program, our tuition-based preschool educates children with special needs alongside their typically-developing peers.  Each classroom is staffed with a certified Early Childhood teacher and one to two teaching assistants. Our support staff at District 89 Community Preschool also includes our occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, physical therapist, social worker and English learners instructor.  For more information, please visit the CCSD 89 Preschool website.

What are the District's Classroom Food and Treats Policies?

The following is from the 2015-2016 District Handbook.  Please see the current handbook (link to left) for the latest policies.
1. Food is not permitted for birthday recognition in the classroom. Birthdays will be acknowledged according to individual teacher guidelines.

2. Food offered at all school-related events, except those designated as “family events,” must be selected from the district-wide Pre-Approved Food List. No foods may be brought to school, for general student consumption, that is prepared or baked at home. Foods offered may include fresh fruits and vegetables, water, 100% fruit juice or milk. Foods served will comply with the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. School staff will monitor compliance with these safe food options.

3. Food served at elementary classroom parties (Halloween, Holiday and Valentine’s Day) will be limited to one beverage and one snack from the Pre-Approved Holiday Party Food Options list. Due to concerns about safety and food allergies, classroom celebrations will focus on activities rather than food. Activities should not include the use of food.
The approved food lists are updated and expire annually.  See the District's Health Services page for the latest Pre-Approved Food List and Pre-Approved Holiday Party Food Options.  For nutrition and ingredient information relating to the school lunch program, please see the District's Food Services page.