Per Section 3.2 of the Bylaws, fundraising activities shall be conducted to support the goals of the PTC.  Any funds accumulated beyond those needed to promote and sustain this organization shall be allocated to enhance PTC objectives unless funds accumulated are earmarked for an approved PTC cause or purpose. 
Listed below is the range of annual or periodic fundraisers that are organized by PTC leaders and volunteer assistants.  Below this section, please find a list of ongoing fundraising opportunities.  Please see the Volunteer section for more information and how you can help with these committees.  

Legacy Bricks

The Legacy Bricks program was initiated as part of the 2016-2018 Project Playground effort.  While Project Playground has successfully concluded with the construction of a new all-inclusive playground in 2018, the Legacy Brick program will continue to raise funds for maintaining and enhancing the playground.  More information to come.

2016-2018 Project Playground 

The Project Playground committee was initiated in 2016 and continued to work through Summer of 2018 towards building a new all-inclusive playground for Arbor View Elementary and the surrounding community. Search Latest News and also see the Project Playground page for additional information. 

Restaurant Nights

Skip the cooking!  Dine out at area restaurants with your classmates while raising funds for the Arbor View kids.  Watch the Latest News section on the Home page, our social media platforms, and Mrs. Burenett's Weekly Ramp for upcoming scheduled restaurant nights.  Please also see the Restaurant Nights page in the Volunteer section for information on how you can lead or help with this committee.

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is a parent/volunteer book sale held annually in the fall or winter.  The proceeds provide books for the Birthday Book Club.  Please see the Scholastic Book Fair link in the Volunteer section for information on how you can lead or help with this committee.