The Arbor View PTC uses a variety of online services to conduct business and communicate with the membership.  Contact Us to determine if any of these facilities would be beneficial to your PTC program or activity.
WEBSITE: This website is built using ClickHere2Volunteer.  It is a free service but requires a dedicated webmaster (PTC volunteer) with some basic website knowledge and a fair amount of time to build and maintain it.  The webmaster has the admin name and password.
DOMAIN NAME: Our domain name ( is registered through GoDaddy.  The PTC webmaster has the login and password.
FACEBOOK: PTC has a Facebook page.  See the link in the left side of this website's home page.  The PTC webmaster has the login and password.
ONLINE FORMS: The Contact Us and the Submit an Announcement forms are built using EmailMeForm.  There is a small monthly fee that PTC pays.  We have the ability to create custom online forms for any PTC activity that could benefit from them.  Please let the webmaster know!  The PTC webmaster has the login and password.
ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT PROCESSING: PTC has a SquareUp account which allows for electronic processing of credit card payments for various events and sales.  A magnetic credit card reader is also available that is used with an iPad for point of sale transactions. The PTC treasurer has the login and password information.
ONLINE FUNDS TRANSFERS: PTC also has a PayPal account to or from which payments can be made.  The PTC treasurer has the login and password information. 
EVENT REGISTRATION: Eventbrite has been used by PTC for various events.
VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP: Signup Genius is a useful tool. has also been used for PTC activities.
MEETING TIME COORDINATION: Doodle Poll is also useful if you're trying to schedule a meeting with lots of peeps.
EXECUTIVE BOARD E-MAIL ADDRESSES: There is a generic PTC Gmail address.  There is also a generic PTC Secretary Gmail address.  Contact the webmaster for addresses and passwords.